WEEE Regulations.

WEEE Regulations UK

In 2006 the European Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment known as the WEEE Directive was introduced into British Law under existing waste management legislation. This legislation requires that all Electrical and Electronic waste must be collected, pre-treated , and disposed of under European law.

Since leaving the EU (Brexit) the UK still implements WEEE collection, disposal, and recycling.

All WEEE waste must be disposed of through a licensed waste carrier.

The regulations aim to reduce the environmental impact on our landfill sites whilst reducing the amount of all electrical & electronic equipment being produced hence encouraging all businesses to recycle, reuse and recover all WEEE. These regulations affect most businesses, and it is the responsibility of all concerned comply if you:


  • Manufacture, import, rebrand equipment
  • Distribute or sell
  • Generate any WEEE
  • Refurbish or repair WEEE, treat, recycle or recover WEEE.

If you do not comply with the directive you will be committing a criminal offence.

No item is too big or small for collection.

The Waste and Electrical & Electronic Regulations only apply to the equipment which falls within the 10 categories in Schedule 1 of the WEEE regulations.

WEEE regulations apply to the following 10 categories

If your product does not fall into any of these categories, you do not need to comply with the regulations. For more information please see contact us.