Secure Data Destruction

One of the biggest questions we get is “How can I remove all my stored data to ensure it is 100% destroyed?”

We efficiently take care of this process for you. Physical data destruction of your media is handled on-site for your total data security.

WEEEcycle offers the complete data destruction package tailored for your requirements including:

  • UK CESG data wiping and US DOD 7-pass wiping.
  • Granulation of optical media to 5mm or less.
  • Granulation of solid-state media to 5mm or less.
  • Physical destruction, manual disassembly and shredding of hard disk platers (HDD shredding).

Our certified data destruction process will provide you with all the necessary paperwork and certificates upon completion.

The Services we Offer
On-site and collection services

Cost-effective solution for the disposal of all computer equipment.

Fast, efficient nationwide collection.

Secure data destruction.

Dedicated team manager to answer your queries on a 24/7 basis.